Asrock n68c gs4 won't boot

I just got a new mobo and cpu for my computer however it won't boot up.

Asrock N68c GS4 mobo
AMD FX4100 cpu
Shark 750w PSU with 12v 4+4 connectors for the cpu
and a GTX 650
I've tried all of my DDR2 and DDR3 Ram sticks and I can't get it to boot up. No beeps from the speaker either. It also doesn't want to power down when I hold the power button. Have to turn the PSU off to get it to shut off.
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  1. 1. those boards where known to have issues. 2. take it back and get a refund if you can or rma it to asrock. 3. try getting a cheap 970 chipset am3 board. good luck.
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  2. After finding the "no post" tutorial by Shortstuff, I'm stuck at the part where the RAM stick makes my board go silent. Would this mean my PSU is bad? or that the board is bad?
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  3. do you have a friend with a similar stick a ram you can borrow? if this issue is still around after the other stick is in the system, then its the board.
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