Friend got new CPU and mobo, old GPU isn't working correctly

Yesterday I helped a friend of mine upgrade some parts to his computer (i5 7600k, cryorig h7, asus prime z270-a, nzxt s340 elite and a evga g2 650 psu) as he has never installed a CPU or anything before. We installed everything without hitches, the system posted and everything, but once we booted into windows to install the drivers only one of his two monitors were receiving a singal. Both of them were plugged into the GPU and were working fine before the upgrade, so we tried going into NVIDIA Control Panel and it said he didn't have a NVIDIA GPU. I told him to try and reinstall the drivers as I had to go home and he texted me later saying it didn't work. Over the phone I told him to go into device manager and say what it said under display adapters but it didn't show the name of his GPU (a GTX 950). Instead it said "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and Video Controller (VGA Compatible)". So I'm sorta confused as to what the problem is, my first thought is that maybe it's running off integrated graphics somehow but his HDMI ports were plugged into the graphics card. He says if he goes into the BIOS that he can find the name of his graphics card in there so maybe it's a problem with windows? I'm not really sure what the problem is so help would be appreciated.
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  1. It will show "Microsoft Basic..." until you have an nVidia driver installed.

    It sounds like the monitor isn't connected to the GPU, but you've made it clear you've tested that. Test with one monitor attached only.

    If the latest driver isn't detecting any nVidia hardware, I'd suggest trying to driver release immediately prior - and ensure it's being selected to "run as administrator"
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  2. Well, he obviously didn't install right drivers. BIOS has nothing to do with it. Which windows ?
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  3. 1| Did you reinstall your OS after the system upgrade?
    2| Did you use DDU to uninstall your drivers prior to upgrading the system?
    3| Have you made sure your motherboard BIOS is up to date?
    4| Mind sharing what your previous system specs were?
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  4. I'm just back from school so I've not had much time to talk to him as he wasn't in today, I texted him before I made this thread to try a different PCI-E slot and he says it's working fine. Do you think it's just a faulty slot then?

    CountMike said:
    Well, he obviously didn't install right drivers. BIOS has nothing to do with it. Which windows ?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure if the drivers worked before 100% fine before and you switch cpu and mobo your drivers for your graphics card are still the same.
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  5. A faulty "slot" is a possibility, but as is bent CPU pins that happen to correspond with the x16 slot.
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