i5 7600k Temperature Question?

Overclocking my new build which has an i5 7600k. At the point of posting this I have managed 4.8GHz @ 1.2v with no issues. The temps at this point have reached a max of 63c. I have searched the interwebs pretty far and have seen that a good point would be 70c, so I'm assuming I'm able to raise the clock a good amount more. Is 70c what I should be going for?

i5 7600k w/ evo 212 cooler
asus dual series 1070 OC edition
16gb ram
samsung evo 850 250gb
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    I would not recommend going +80 celcius for a 24/7 OC
    70 - 75 celcius you can run 24/7

    Sure you can run 90 celcius also 24/7 to be honest since the cpu is built to handle it... but I would not recommend it at all.
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  2. I managed 5GHz with 1.29v but after 15 minutes prime95 shot the temps up to around 77c. I brought it back down to 4.9 with only 1.26v which works great and I havent passed 71c so far.
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  3. Then 4,9 is a good clock for you :)
    And not every 6600k out there can even get to 4,9, so not a bad cpu you got there.
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