How many MHz on a GPU do you actually need for gaming?

I'm looking at building a gaming rig with a Ryzen 5 1600 and gtx 1080, but there are so many variants of 1080's out there. I think I narrowed my search to two cards:



The only noticable difference I have been able to find, besides their dimensions and number of fans, is that the Gigabyte one runs at about 100MHz higher than the MSI one. How big of an impact will this have on my gaming? And will overclocking mitigate the performance difference?

(Even for 4K, even though I won't be entering that realm right off the bat)
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    They all perform around the same range, maybe a few fps here or there. A higher clocked card may give you a couple of fps better in certain games, but those are few and far between. No earth shattering difference. You can pick any 1080 you want. Typically depending on the budget and location, I would choose the cheapest one available.
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