GPu or CPU?

I currently have ASUS GT730 2GB GPU, AMD FX 6300 (3.5G/6M) CPU and my motherboard is ASUS M5A97 2.0, AMD 970...

Looking to upgrade my comp so that i can play games with higher fps but i dont really know what to upgrade. Was looking to get a GTX1050TI just wondering if thats the best thing to do with my build.
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  1. Your ideal choice should be 1050. While 1050ti should work mostly, but in cpu heavy games it might get bottlenecked...
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    Between the two, I would go with a new GPU first, then the CPU. The only issue is that MB doesn't support the 125 watt CPUs very well, so you are going to be limited on what CPU upgrade you can do. An FX8320E or 8370E use 95 watts, so they would probably be OK. Just be sure to make sure you get the one with an E on the end. The ones with the E use more wattage. It is questionable on how good those upgrades are however. On newer games that are designed to take advantage of more cores it would be. But games made over a year ago it would probably not be. Ultimately you will probably want to upgrade your MB and CPU completely. But the 6300 will play most next gen games at lower quality settings, so yeah, a new GPU would benefit you much more right now. A GTX1050ti would be perfect for you. It will bottleneck some, but not too bad.
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  3. The cpu is fine for now. Get a 1050 and you should be able to see a significant increase in frame rates. That GT730 is pretty impotent to drive decent frames in modern games. In one of the machines, I can still play Doom 2016 at decent fps on medium settings with a i5-650 paired with a 750ti. And that machine is almost 7yrs old now.
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  4. The FX 6 series CPU is very close to the FX 8 series in game performance, so no CPU upgrade is worth it. You'd need to move up to a Ryzen if going with AMD. That means a new CPU/motherboard/DDR4 ram. If you went Intel you'd still need a new CPU/motherboard/DDR4 ram, unless you went with a used Intel system so you can reuse your old DDR3 ram.

    That leaves a videocard upgrade. I would get the 1050 Ti. The reason is the extra memory will allow you to run at higher settings, if not at higher framerate. There will be games that are held back by your CPU but that's a moot point since you aren't ready to build an all new system yet. If you don't mind running games at lower settings and would like to save money, a 1050 would work as well.
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  5. Thanks for the help! Will stongly consider your pointers!
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