Will this memory work with coffee lake?

Will this memory kit be 100% compatible with the new coffee lake CPU and Z370 boards?

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  1. It should work out of the box after you enable it in BIOS under the X/M/P feature but I'm curious, Coffeelake isn't yet to be released until a while(almost a month from now) so why buy the ram kit now?
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  2. 100% no one knows. until the QVL for each board is released there is no way to be 100% certain. the QVL will have tested modules on it and they will work. untested modules will always have some uncertainty.
    QVL Qualified Vendors list - list of RAM modules the motherboard manufacturer factory tested and certified to work

    that being said it should be fine after a tweak in the BIOS or two to accommodate the high speed
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