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I know I've asked a similar question on this forum before, but I'm still unsure about it. Right now, I have 1333 MHz 8 GB RAM. I will have more than 30 tabs open in my web browser for my business and other things in the background running as well. Nowadays, there are RAM speeds in the three and four thousands. Someone said that higher speeds won't help me, but I've also heard that higher speeds help with memory-intensive applications, Firefox being one of them. I need to know whether I should try overclocking the RAM or even getting some new sticks. Do you think this is necessary? Could it possibly double the overall browsing speed? Thanks a bunch!
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    RAM speed doesn't matter for browsing. Most modern browsers suspend most elements in background tabs or at least reduce their animation/script tick rate when they aren't active and you'd get roughly the same CPU usage on a given active page regardless of whether you have 1 or 100 tabs open as long as you have enough RAM to keep all the tabs there. (Unless some of those tabs go out of their way to hog CPU time even when they aren't visible.)
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  2. Thanks for clearing things up for me! I'll just leave things the way they are then. It's kinda what I was hoping for anyway! :)
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