ASRock H61M-HVS -> HDD not detected by BIOS until reboot

I connected an old 500GB HDD to a H61M-HVS motherboard, but it seems to not be able to find or use it when switched on, only after a soft reboot.
At first, it does not appear in the BIOS, nor in the boot menu.
Other SSD is always found.
The HDD did work with the previous motherboard. So did the PSU.
Switching SATA cables, SATA ports and power connector changed nothing.
BIOS is latest.
BIOS is set to IDE.
Drives use MBR.
Resetting BIOS settings, from the BIOS, did not help.
I could find no delay option in the BIOS. (possible I missed)
What else can I try??
Thank you!
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