Building a new tower pc, need advice on what power supply w should I get?

Hello i plan to make a desktop pc with 8 storage drives and a ssd. I also plan to install a graphics card for gaming. How much watt should I get to support my system? I also would like purchase a UPS, should my ups match the watt of my power supply? thanks!
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    We can't tell if you don't list the exact system specs. But usually a 550w or 650w would be more than enough. Most importantly is to NOT go cheap on the PSU. Get a proper quality unit, like a tier 1 unit from this list.
    For UPS if you really need it. Get one that is large enough for X number of minutes you like it to keep powering your PC. Again we would need your fully system specs as well as how long you want it keep your PC up, before we can help you with that.
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