GE Force 210 in an Optiplex 755 DT?


I'm currently in the process of turning an old Dell 755 DT into a Plex server at home. I need this to have HDMI out so purchased a GE Force 210 to replace my AMD Radeon 7470. However, when I read the info that came with it, it says it needs a 300w PSU and the 755 is only rated to 280w.

Question is - I'm not using any of the other slots other than PCI-E and have only 1 HDD and a DVD drive connected, as well as an external IcyBox HDD enclosure. Will the GE Force 210 still run or do I need to look at upgrading the PSU?
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  1. 300W is recommended but yours 280W will work go for it
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    You'll be fine, power requirements of a 210 is so low and is a weaker card than a 7470, but good enough for displaying a Windows desktop.
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