Asus B350f Ryzen 5 1600 Build won't post

Hi all,

Currently working on my first Build, consisting of:
Asus Rog Strix B350-f
AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Alpenfoehn Ben Nevis
Zotac Geforce 980ti Amp! Omega
Patriot Viper 4 2x4GB DDR4 3400
BeQuiet Pure Power 10 600w
Samsung 850 Evo 250GB
All in a Corsair Carbide Spec-02

To cut it very short, the system won't post. All fans spin, all LEDs are on, but no signal is output (Yes, I have tried both the MB HDMI and the Video Card HDMI). The DRAM LED is solid orange, which I suppose means the RAM is not being recognized. I have also tried a set of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4GB DDR4 3000, to no avail. Both are listed as compatible by AMD as well as ASUS, and both sets were tried in all possible combinations across all 4 DIMM slots.
I have already followed all the instructions in the MB troubleshooting thread, no result. All connections were checked multiple times, and the MB breadboarded. No issues with CPU and CPU socket either.

Has anybody out there got an idea what the issue might be? Could it simply be a broken Motherboard? Would appreciate any help.

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  1. Hi, Try clearing the CMOS and testing a single RAM module of the 3000 kit. If still no go, try testing a 2400 RAM.
    Test always with monitor connected to the graphics card (the motherboard ones do not work with that CPU).
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  2. Just tried that, didn't work, unfortunately. I also don't have a 2400 RAM on hand, so I might either have to order one, or return the motherboard and try another one.
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  3. Check
    If still no go, it could be a board issue... or CPU, or RAMs.
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  4. @alexoiu I already followed those steps, to no avail. I have a MB beeper coming in the mail tomorrow, maybe that will provide some clarity..

    @vapour I already did that before buying the DIMMS, both kits are listed as compatible by ASUS as well as AMD
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  5. 2 different RAMs are bad at the same time is not very likely, don't think bad CPU will contribute to not recognizing RAM. Looks like a sore lemon MB to me...
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  6. I think so as well, I tried going by process of elimination and tested the PSU and GPU out of my old rig (350w beQuiet Pure Power, GTX 750ti) on the same rig, still no output... Guess I'll just have to exchange the MB if no other solution pops up
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  7. Cool. BTW, heard quite a lot about malfunctioning ASUS boards, I recommend MSI if seller can switch it for you.
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