ASUS MAXIMUS IX HERO Motherboard's internal USB headers

I'm considering this board but I've read some posts from people who are not happy with only one internal USB header. Some are using an internal USB hub while others disable their front panel USB to use the internal header for an internal component that needs USB.

I'll be using the Kraken x62 cooler which requires a USB connection. Will this be an issue for me? I'm a new builder so my building confidence is a tick above Noob status, and I would prefer the board I use to already have the connections I need rather than doing a work a round.
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  1. If your case only has two USB3.0 ports and doesn't have any USB2.0 ports (i.e., you only need the USB3.0 and not the USB2.0 ports) and the Kraken X62 is the ONLY component in your rig that requires such USB2.0 (9-pin) internal header connection, then the Maximus IX Hero will suffice.

    Note that such motherboard does have only 1 USB2.0 internal header (for the Kraken) AND only 1 USB3.0 internal header (for the case's front panel USB3.0).
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  2. Thanks, raisonjohn. Unfortunately I'll be using the Corsair 750D case which has USB 3.0 and 2.0 on the front. However I took a look at the internal USB hub offered by NZXT and it looks pretty straight forward. I think i'm comfortable with that solution.
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  3. Yes, that NZXT Hub is the most common option for motherboards lacking enough USB2.0 internal headers.
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  4. Ok, forgive this dumb question but I just want to confirm.

    Is this solution as simple as getting the NZXT internal USB hub, connecting the hub to the single internal 2.0 header on the mobo then connecting the case and cooler to the hub? Any complications I should be aware of?

    Thank you
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  5. I have the ix formula and the 1 USB 2.0 does suck but the module mentioned works just fine. The only issue I have with the ix line is the 1 USB 2.0.
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