What processors does my motherboard support?

Hi! I am a bit new to this whole pc thing, and I would like to know. What processors does my motherborard support? My motherbord is 760gma p34. If you find anything all help would be appreciated. Also what CPU would you recommend? With my setup I have a 1050ti and an amd fx6300. I think my CPU is getting a bit old lol.
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    Everything on this list below, however while technically supported I would not reccomend an 125watt TDP CPU's or higher with that motherboard the VRM wont handle them very well.

    I would just stick with what you have, I dont think it's really worth upgrading on the AM3+ platform anymore. I would save up until you can switch to an amd ryzen or modern intel rig. This would require a new CPU, motherboard, and DDR4 RAM.
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  2. Here's the CPU support list.
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  3. Hi,
    I'd save money for a system upgrade,not CPU only.
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  4. Here is the list of all supported CPU's for your board. If you're looking at an upgrade past your FX-6300, you could look at the FX-8320E but at this point of time, you might as well just trade in or sell the AM3+ platform and holding onto the GTX1050Ti move towards a Ryzen 3 1200 build.
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  5. The motherboard you currently have has a poor VRAM design and the fact they don't have a heat sink. To be honest I would not recommend using any processor that's above 95W on that motherboard. If you try using a 125W processor on that motherboard the VRAM would get really hot.

    I would recommend that you save up around $400 dollars. Once you do you could buy a Ryzen 3 1200 combo deal and then the DDR4 memory for it. That's is if you don't need anything else.
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