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I recently picked up a 1050ti to swap out and get rid of my old 750ti. When I went to hook it up at first I did not plug in the pcie power, (didn't realize it needed it as the 750ti did not) and it told me to plug it in. I used a pcie power cable from another power supply that I have to power it, and tried to turn it on but the pc would not boot. When I unplug the cable from the 1050ti it still would not boot, only when I unpluged it from the power supply would it boot again. I used the same slot as the 750ti and the PC still boots with it, just will not boot with the pcie power cable pluged into the power supply.

I was wondering if it was the card, power supply, or just compatibility?

I have a 2nd 1200w power supply that I don't use because its overkill for my system, and I was wondering if I used it with only the 1050ti to test it, would it damage the card?

OS: windows 7
CPU: i7 4790K
RAM: 16gb dual channel DDR3
PS: Corsair HX850i
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  1. Corsair HX850i is overkill for a 1050ti so try another PCIE cable and connection point on PSU. The Corsair HX850i has 4 that each can handle 2 x 6+2. Also make sure you uninstalled the old drivers and use DDU to remove old configs.
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    smart_towel_rg_400 said:
    I used a pcie power cable from another power supply that I have

    What was the make model of the other PSU? Modular cables are only designed to work with certain psus.
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