Asrock X370 Killer SLI/ac Fan speeds on Swiftech H240 X2 Cooler

As the title says I have an Asrock X370 MB and Swiftech H240 cooler. I have set up the bios cooler settings based on CPU temp (5 temp settings corresponding to 5 fan speed settings). I know the MB can control the fans because in BIOS when I set the parameters the fans adjust speed properly.

The problem is that the fan speed never changes when the computer is up and running. The normal base temp is around 35C with fans running at 40%. If I stress the CPU I can watch the temp rise to about 58C consistent and ramping up to 61C sometimes. But the fan speed never changes. Running at 58C the fans should be at about 70%.

Any ideas why the MB won't adjust the speed when the computer is running?
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