Upgrade to I7 4770k cheap deal or pay more for I5 7600k?

Hey guys. I currently have an ageing I5 760 CPU. I have a GTX 970 graphics card and I play at 1080p. As its by far the oldest part of my PC I am looking to upgrade the CPU.

A friend has offered me a deal on his old I7 4770k CPU, MSI G45 Mobo, 16gb Vengeance 2133mhz ram and AOI water cooler, all for £250. He has been running it overclocked at 4Ghz, he has never tried it higher.

A similar new bundle for the I5 7600k will be almost twice the price.

I would like to move to 1440p gaming soon and use a GTX 1070 or 1080.

So my questions:

Is it worth paying almost double for the I5 7600k?
Will a I7 4770k hold back my 1440p gaming?
Is the I7 4770k going to hold back a gtx 1070, 1080?
Is the memory (2133mhz) ok?

Much appreciation on the advice. Thank you.
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  1. The 4770k is still a pretty powerful chip and should be a wise choice at that price, given you can test it fully before purchasing.

    > If you are getting that kind of a deal, you should grab it.
    > If you pair it with a 1070 you can pretty much drive a 1440p screen. For both 1440p resolution as well as 144hz, you will need a 1080 though.
    > No, the 4770k should not hold back a 1070/1080...
    > The memory is fine as long as it is working olryt.
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    I7-4770k - Haswell, DDR3 RAM. - Still a good CPU. It don't trail an I5-7600K by all that much, plus has more threads available.

    Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-2133 RAM....Good for practically any game out there right now. As far as the CPU goes, it sees it as overclocked, but this usually isn't a concern. It's actually a bit better than okay.

    The I7-4770k isn't going to bottleneck a 1070 or 1080 all that badly. It will be fine to combine them.

    The I7-4770k isn't going to have issues with 1440 gaming. It should give at least 60 FPS, maybe better depending on the demand and GPU used.

    The I7 price is a good deal as long as it's working properly. I assume you have the ability to see it working. Save your coin for that GPU upgrade you want.
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  3. r.foddy said:
    A friend has offered me a deal on his old I7 4770k CPU, MSI G45 Mobo, 16gb Vengeance 2133mhz ram and AOI water cooler, all for £250.

    I7 4770k (new) alone would be worth ~£300.
    4Ghz overclock is only 2.5% over max turbo boost, so basically no OC.
    That's a sweet deal. I'd take it.
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  4. Your friend is offering you an excellent deal. I don't generally recommend going with older platforms, but when you're given a cost reduction this large and you're getting it from a friend, which hopefully eliminates some of the risks normally associated with buying used from a stranger, I think you'd be crazy to turn it down.
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  5. I have to add to the chorus and wholeheartedly agree with the above comments. VERY worth taking your friend's old stuff, as it will basically put you around 90% or so of the way to the new Kaby Lake build.
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