Should i upgrade from H81 mobo?

Currently i have a Intel i7-4790 cpu and it uses a lga1150 socket with the H81 chipset, and im planning on getting a new motherboard and a GTX 1050 ti.

I've seen online articles that say the H81 is really bad for gaming so im not sure if i should change to a mobo and cpu with a better chipset.

Will the change be worth the money?
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  1. if you want to change both CPU and GPU then only Buy the new Motherboard otherswise stick with H81 for now till you have money for whole new system
    Z87 Chipset is good supports overclocking but you need the K series CPU for that which you dont have so stick with it
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  2. An H81 mobo is fine for your setup, a Z87 or Z97 mobo wont do anything for you. Motherboards generally wont affect gaming performance at all. If you had a 4790k it might be something to consider if you wanted to overclock, bu I would say upgrading your mobo is pointless with a non k 4790. It is a bit ridiculous to say "H81 is bad for gaming".

    I would just get a GPU I dont think a new motherboard is worth the money if there is nothing wrong with your current board.
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