My Pc won't Turn on. Fans are spinning LED light are working Cpu and Gpu fan are spinning. No power in mouse and keyboard.

Last 3 hours it was working and when i get back home it won't turn on. No Post No Beep. i reseat my rams Gpu and Heatsink.

And when i'm trying to turn it off by the power button nothings happens, it wont turn off or anything...

AMD FX8150
12gb ddr4 4x3
gtx 750ti.
PSU- Perfomace 600W
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  1. Try to boot it with only the bare minimum needed. CPU GPU and 1 stick of RAM.

    EDIT: Monitor won't turn on? If everything else is turning on and no POST, the first place I'd check is GPU. Try putting that GPU into another computer. If it doesn't turn on in another computer you have a faulty GPU. If it works in another computer, it may be motherboard/CPU.
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  2. When i try to booth with only one stick of ram still nothing happens. when i remove the wire of my monitor to hdmi of my gpu it say, no display but when i plug it back again it just shows black screen. is their more solutions i can do to fix this because my thesis is on this pc... :(
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  3. Is their any way to know if my motherboard has the problem or my cpu?
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    Luis_Uy said:
    Is their any way to know if my motherboard has the problem or my cpu?

    Not really, you kinda have to have conclusive evidence to prove it's a motherboard or CPU problem. Like I said, try your GPU in another computer, and if it works there then you know that it's not a problem. Also try it with a different stick of RAM.

    EDIT: Another quick thing here, the fact that your LEDs and fans are working makes me think that it may not be your CPU. Everything is getting power so it's probably not your motherboard either. Definitely need to check to see if your GPU is functioning properly, and the only real way to check is in another computer.
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  5. I tried my GPU to other Pc its working perfect my Cpu i tried it too its working fine too.. i think the problem ia the motherboard, but sometimes itndoes work.
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    Question from Luis_Uy : "My Motherboard is not working"

    My Motherboard is not working, i think because its not taking any power from my PSU, i dont know why because last night my pc is working fine. But this morning i tried to turn it on. nothing happens all my fan that is connected to my powersupply through molex connection is working, My Gpu fan or heatsink is spinning too, because the fan in my heatsink is connected to my power supply through molex. It was connected to a molex because i change my fan in my heatsink, the original one was connected to a 4pin in my motherboard.. i tried changing my ram slot, removing and attaching my GPU. still nothing good happened. Any suggestions?

    No Post, No Beep, No Light on my motherboard, No power on my mouse and Keyboard.

    when i tried to turn it off through holding down power nothing happens, it wont turn off.

    i have one case fan that is connected to my motherboard in 3 pins and it is spinning.

    Amd fx 8150 8cores
    Gtx 750ti
    12gb ddr 4x3
    600w PSU
    1TB HHD
    MOBO- Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3

    I Really need this Pc running because all my thesis files is on this pc and i need the codes that i wrote..
    Please help.. :(
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  7. You could try taking out the cmos battery and putting it back in but I doubt that will do anything at all.
    At this point, whether it's psu or mobo, you need to take it into a repair shop. Have them test the PSU for you to see if it'll turn on fine with a new PSU. If the psu voltages do turn out to not be within prescribed parameters, they'll have to check the mobo as well to see if it's sustained any damage over time.
    In either case I think you gotta take it in.
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