How to set 2 SSDs as secondry drives in raid0 mode

Hi everyone.Recently i built a new pc.i used a 256 GB ssd for installing iam going to add 2 SSDs in raid0 for secondry storage.I know i have to change SATA mode from AHCI to raid in bios first,my question is,am i going to have problems booting windows and accessing my data since i installed it when SATA mode was AHCI?
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  1. Yes. It won't have the necessary drivers to boot. How big a problem this is depends on your motherboard and Windows version.

    Does it have two or more SATA controllers? If it does the job is pretty simple as it already has drivers loaded for both controllers. Switch your SSD to a port on the secondary controller (third party). Change your primary controller (chipset) to RAID (leaving third party settings alone) and boot. Your SSD now on the secondary controller should boot properly. Once it is booted Windows should now see a new controller (RAID) and install the drivers automatically.

    Now you can leave the SSD on the secondary controller or shutdown and move it back to the primary as a single drive. Then you can use the chipset RAID utility to build a RAID 0 from your other two SSD. Be sure to set boot priority in your BIOS.

    If you don't have two controllers. You can follow the link for different methods depending on your Windows version. For Windows 7 follow the instruction for "Change to RAID mode from AHCI or IDE mode". For Windows 8/10 follow the Windows 8 instructions for "Change to RAID mode from AHCI mode and vice versa"
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