Best Horror Games 2016/2017 for PC?

Which are the best Horror Games last 2 years for PC?
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  1. Dying Light a sole pick from me if you havent played it
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  2. I really liked Resident Evil 7, you might wanna give it a try.

    Layers of Fear became quite popular as well,
    OutLast II is a nice option,
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  3. The Evil Within
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  4. I've enjoyed Amnesia: The Darkness Within and Allison Road this year
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    Both of the Outlast games are very good, and have the feeling of not being able to help anyone. The Evil Within has a great setting and beautiful graphics, also one of my top picks. Layers of Fear (While I haven't played it yet) seems to be getting more and more hype each day. These are just some to start.
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  6. Resident evil 7 is pretty good, got it cheap too on cdkeys
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  7. Mark this solved please :D
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