ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero or ASUS PRIME Z270-A?

I am building a new PC (this is my second), and I am switching up my motherboard choice. I ran an MSI Gaming M5 last time and was happy with the BIOS but unhappy with the stability of it at higher speeds. Also, customer support sucked, so this time I am trying out ASUS after hearing some great things about their BIOS and durability.

So... fellow people of the PC master race.... help a brother out! Which motherboard is the best? Both fit very well in my price range so I am open for both. Any specific pros/cons between the two? I don't need a list of specs, just prior experience results.

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  1. Two of my last boards have been Heroes and they're suberb.
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  2. Well the hero board has a better VRM, better onboard sound, post LEDs, support for 4133mhz ddr4, more fan headers, more in depth options in the bios for overclocking. However the prime is cheaper and still an excellent board. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Go for the hero if you can afford it, if getting that mobo is going to cause you to get a lesser gpu or cpu because of budget then go for the prime.
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    I'd get a Maximus IX Hero. I've come ROG coming from a nonROG model and won't look back. It has better sounds, has leds, easier overclocking options in the bios, etc.
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