can't boot ssd in bios

I just installed windows on my new ssd, while still having another windows on my hdd. as soon as the ssd was set, I formatted the hdd so there's only 1 Windows to start. Now that I formatted the HDD, it still makes me choose which Windows to boot. When I try to change the boot order in BIOS, only the HDD appears. Can I get some help please?
Windows 10 Home
BIOS 302

I hope you understand, I don;t know how to explain this better. I'm a newbie to this kind of stuff.
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  1. It is because you installed the OS on the SSD while the HDD was still connected.

    The boot partition ended up on the HDD. (Yes, you did not select this...Windows does that all by itself).
    Now, you have to choose because it thinks there are 2 OS's. The original one, and the new one on the SSD>
    You may have "formatted" the drive, but the boot partition does not go away with that.

    If this is a brand new install, I strongly recommend just redoing it.

    This time, have ONLY the SSD connected.
    As you go through the install, delete all existing partition, leaving one large space.
    Let Windows continue, creating what it needs.
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  2. Does your system actually boot into Windows when selecting the correct menu choice? This will dictate what options you have for recovery.
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