What voltage should I start with for a 3.7 OC on Ryzen 7 1700

I've been toying with the idea of overclocking my Ryzen 7 1700 to a comfortable 3.7. My main concern is stability. I've never OC'd before but from what I understand the Spire cooler can handle a decent OC so why not give it a go. My question is, what should I set the voltage to for a 3.7 OC?

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  1. Start with anything under 1.4. test and try lowering a bit at a time, nobody can guarantee any exact number.
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  2. You wont need a voltage change imo. My 1600 did 3.75 with no chsnge.. at 3.8 i added a tiny bit.
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  3. Try 1.2v, if you need any above stock. I'm using 1.37v for 3.85Ghz on my 1700. From what I've, you shouldn't need this much voltage for a 3.7 OC. 1.35v is the rumored max long-term voltage without affecting CPU lifespan.
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