Asrock A320m pro4 failing?

Hi all , my specs are:
CPU: Ryzen 1600
Mobo: ASRock A320M pro4
Ram: 16 gb ddr4 2400 team vulkan
Gpu: gtx 1080 founders edition
Ssd: 250 gb crucial mx
Hdd Hitachi Darkstar 400 gb
PSU: Coolermaster 650w bronze.

After upgrading to Ryzen, my computer was fine for about 2 months no issues but then would start freezing during gaming sessions. To be specific, when I mean freeze , I mean that the display is on, the PC is running but nothing works, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive as well.

I didn't think much of it because after a restart it would be fine. After a few weeks it would freeze randomly while browsing the internet. Now it is completely random. It will sometimes freeze when I open a folder on the dektop , browse the web, or even after I type on my windows password.

I have been able to get it running long enough to do a memory test , gpu test and CPU temps look fine .

I also reinstalled windows on my ssd and when that didn't fix anything I installed Windows on a spare hdd , also to no avail.

the only thing I can think now is that something is wrong with the mobo. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it
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  1. When you upgraded to Ryzen, what parts did you replace? Just the CPU and motherboard?
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  2. WyomingKnott said:
    When you upgraded to Ryzen, what parts did you replace? Just the CPU and motherboard?

    I replaced the CPU, motherboard, video card and ram.
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  3. I have the same mobo and CPU, same black outs after month and increasing... now I had disconnected all possible power consuming devices like fans, DVD and disk, looks it could be a power supply issue - I have just 550watt suply. Now testing for about 4 hours with none freeze. Did you had any resolution since September?
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