Is my PSU faulty or are other components to blame?

So I recently replaced the motherboard,RAM and CPU in my PC which I got prebuilt over 2 years ago (Using the same corsair 450vs PSU) I bought the MSI b350 gaming plus and a ryzen 5 1600, and 2x4GB Vengance LPX 2666mhz RAM sticks, and at first my PC would not POST at all after completing the build, and checking all the motherboard and power connections, and reseating the CPU and heatsink, using 1 RAM stick, making sure theyre in the right DIMM slots etc. But I managed to get the PC to boot after taking the PC apart and going to sleep and putting it back together the next day.

However, after I installed windows 10 and installed all my drivers and a couple of games, mainly rust and PUBG, I noticed that my PC would sometimes power off randomly when playing games, furthermore, if I enabled MSI's game boost feature which overclocks the RAM and CPU in the BIOS, I wasn't even able to launch any of the games without my PC powering off and rebooting itself, so I turned game boost off, yet I still sometimes got random reboots after around 10 minutes of gameplay, sometimes being able to play for hours on end without a reboot.

I've checked temperatures and the CPU was at around 60c under load when playing games, and at around 35c at idle, likewise my old r7 260x was at around 70c under load and around 50c idle, therefore I doubt the reboots were due to overheating.

However 2 days ago I ordered an EVGA gtx 1060 6gb single fan, and ever since I installed it (after removing all AMD drivers for my old r7 260x) I've been getting much more frequent PC reboots during games, sometimes rebooting just atfer being in game for around 5 mins. The temps of the card are at 82c under max load, which is common for the single fan evga 1060. However whats strange, is that last night I was able to play battlegrounds for around 4 hours without a single reboot or shut down, yet today I can barely play 20 minutes without it rebooting on me.

What's really strange though, is that using the same power supply with my old build, I have never experienced a random reboot during gameplay in over 2 years of owning the PC, and I had 8gb ram, r7 260x, an x4 860k processor overclocked, which should use roughly the same wattage power supply as my new parts according to PSU calculators I found online. Therefore I'm not 100% sure whether it could be the PSU or not.

Since the powersupply is a pretty cheap corrsair VS450 I'm suspecting that its faulty, however its starnge that it was working perfectly well in my old build just over 2 weeks ago. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Some things that I observed in HWmonitor when playing games:

*Edit, I should probably add that the PC never reboots or shuts down when browsing the internet or when I'm not playing games, I left it on for a couple of hours today to see if it would shut down and it was fine, so the problem only occurs when playing games.
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    PSU may not be faulty but it's inadequate in power. 550 -600W would suit more for that setup.
  2. Since the lower quality might it just be the psu. Do you have the possibility to test with another one? Maybe from a friend,local shop or other system in the house?
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