SATA and PCI-E NVME M.2 disk both very slow (only sequential read okay)

Hi guys,

i hope someone could help me with this.

I have two SSDs in my PC (and two HDDs as well, but should not matter).
- One is in SATA
- other in M.2 PCI-E x4 NVMe.
Both disks shows almost fine sequentional reads (around 2,5GB/s NVMe one and 0,5GB/s) but when it comes to 4K read or any type of write operation, disks have incredibly shitty results (comparable or worse than HDD).



- Win 7 SP 1 (and couple of more updates, not literally on the latest ones and will install them asap but almost sure this should not be the issue)
- NVMe Patriot Hellfire 240GB.

- System is on CORSAIR (installation had problems with NVMe was not able to get drivers working).
- others: (GTX 1080, i7-6700, 2133MHz DDR4 with XMP on)

What I tried so far:
- Install intel ahci drivers and management center.
- Disable Prefetch and SuperFetch.
- Update BIOS to latest version.
- Installed pretty much any important drivers for motherboard (chipset...).
- Turned off indexing.
- Checked that write cache is on.
(maybe some other things i cant remember clearly cause of rage :D)

- I cant update firmware on my NVMe SSD through Patriot Tool Box.
- System was installed not from clean load but from the old system hence problems with drivers.

If you have literally any idea, it is welcomed. This new rig had so many issues I am just out of inventions and mental strength so any hope is appreciated.
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  1. Edit update

    It seems these issues are connected to firmware after all. I contacted both manufacturers and I will see what I get back. (also will post here, since especially PATRIOT HELLFIRE has zero info over the internet and no driver for WIN7 - only tool box which seems to be working poorly)

    IMPORTANT If you own Corsair GT Force do not update FW if you do not have stability or other issues. Updated from 1.3.3. to 5.0.5. and got serious performance hit. According to forums @ Corsair I am not alone.
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  2. I got a e-mail from PATRIOT where they say they think it is damaged/malfunctioning. Anybody have PATRIOT HELLFIRE under Win7 and can confirm that it works normally and can see it in PATRIOT PCI-E TOOLBOX properly?
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