Bios not saving settings.

I've been having a really weird problem with my Acer Aspire E5-511 laptop. The Insydeh20 bios seems to be completely broken. I first realized there was a problem when I wanted to install Arch Linux when, instead of showing the bootable USB drive in the boot options, it showed EFI USB Drive, EFI network boot, and EFI CD boot. when I go into bios and do ANYTHING the settings don't get saved. IF I set everything to default and do save and exit then it just freezes. I've tried downloading the bios install from Acer and it doesn't apply, no matter what I try. I have my computer dual booted with Windows 10 & Ubuntu 17.10.
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  1. Change the CMOS battery. Not sure if a laptop has one though.
  2. There is 2 issues with the CMOS idea: One, if it was an issue that the CMOS battery was dead, then the settings would be the default settings, which they aren't. Second, the CMOS battery is soldered to the motherboard, and I do have a soldering iron, but am not too experienced with it and don't want to risk ruining my motherboard if at all possible.

  3. i have same problem too. i want install lubuntu onto my usb disk. i did it. but when i want to change starting priority in BIOS, from harddisk to usb, i see it there was no another boot options. changed usbs, changed bios versions and changed cmos battery... nothing change. and i dont kn ow waht can i do
  4. Found out the problem today. Would have found out earlier I think if I hadn't bought a new laptop and put my old one on a shelf for a while. The problem and solution is described at . Turned out to be a bad kernel update that can be fixed with a further kernel update
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