Low fps on a pretty good laptop

So I just got a new laptop, everything up to date : drivers and all of that. The only apps I have installed are Steam, Discord. Google Chrome, GeForce Experience, Photoshop and Rocket League. But for some reason, I can not get past 40 fps on Rocket League with everything at low, at 1080p.

I tried selecting the nVidia GPU as my main one, tried cehcking for updates for my GPU, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but nothing worked.

I have an i5-6200U, a GT 940M and 8 GB of RAM.
I am out of ideas and in need of help.
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    recommend a quad core, your is dual with HT

    gpu look right, med. 1920x1080 36.1 fps
  2. Disable the 'Share'feature in GEforce exp...u should see significant improvement in game
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