Overclocked intigrated graphics too much

Ok, so I was messing around with my athlon x2 4600+ system and I overclocked the intigrated graphics on the board too much and it will not boot anymore. How do I reset it?
The board is:
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  1. did you try cmos reset .
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    Clearing CMOS Settings

    The CMOS contains the current BIOS settings

    Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet.

    Remove the computer cover.

    Locate the 2-pin password connector (PSWD) on the system board.

    Remove the 2-pin jumper plug.

    Locate the 2-pin CMOS jumper (RTCRST) on the system board.

    Move the 2-pin jumper plug from the password jumper to pins into the CMOS jumper.

    Plug in AC power to the system and wait ten seconds for the CMOS to clear.

    Move the 2-pin jumper plug back to the password jumper.

    Replace the computer cover.

    Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and turn them on.
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  3. Will try that!
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  4. On the board, the clear cmos pins are on the bottom middle of the board (by the lowest PCI slot) Power off the computer, unplug it, and hit the power button to remove any stored energy in the capacitor. Take a screwdriver, short those two pins together for a few seconds. Plug the computer back in, and try to power it back up. See if it comes up.
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