Do I benefit from dual ssds in raid 0

Should I raid 2 ssds in raid 0. My main concern is if it would be worth it in speed terms. My motherboard supports sata 2.0. So would 1 ssd on my motherboard be as fast as 2 of them in raid 0.
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  1. Two SSDs in RAID0 will benchmark faster. You won't see any practical benefit and you more than double the risk of your data being lost. Unless you are using this RAID0 as scratch space for photoshop or some other temporary use, I would not recommend it.
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  2. Dont do it had raid 0 on 4 ssds. Is no end of issues its definatly faster but not that much unless transfering files or on modern games. I have single ssd in pc next to it theres almost no difference 4ssds takes longer to boot up games load instant and play almost exact same on both.
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