i7-7700k 5.0ghz Adaptive Mode Voltage Spikes

I currently have my adaptive mode settings at 1.320V with a - Offset of 0.005 to total it at 1.315V (I tried 1.315V with + auto offset but I saw the 1.344V spike alot more often than how I have it set to now) which was my stable manual voltage, from time to time I get spikes of 1.344V is there anything I should adjust to minimize that spike? i've tried LLC levels and 5 seems to be the one that prevents such a dramatic spike and my IA AC/DC is set to 0.01 as well

Like I know a 1.344V spike isn't that bad due to most people can't get a stable system unless it's at 1.350V but I'm trying to get it close to 1.312-1.328V as possible and I'm scared that it might spike higher than that

OC Settings
i7-7700k 5.0ghz | Delidded (Stable at 1.315V)
Speed-Step & C-States | Enabled
AVX Offset | -2
LLC | Level 5
IA AC/DC | 0.01
Adaptive Mode | 1.320V | Offset -0.005
Power Options | Balanced
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  1. 0.025v spike is normal in adaptive mode, you cant really do anything about it, well only run it in manual mode which is recommended for higher overclocking and its stability. Manual voltage will always provide stability and lower voltage during heavy load.
    Before u jumped into adaptive mode did you check how low you can go in manual voltage mode to keep 5GHZ stable, if not then you should do it first.
    Also how do you test if overclock stable?
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  2. Manual mode works fine for me I just don't like 1.312-1.328V pumping to the CPU constantly and I use IBT and run prime95
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