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Hey guys, I recently decided to pick up an x5650 and an x58 mobo. I got a used Asus P6T and once everything came in I installed it in my case. First problem is there is no drivers for windows 10, only 8 and older. After going with a few windows 8 drivers I got it up and running but decided to do some OCing. Struggled for awhile but eventually got it to go I to windows but after about a minute it blue screens with wheat uncorrectable error and I have to restart. I have done a power drain to start but gave up for the night. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Update: This morning I started at it again and I dropped the OC down to 3.2, it was fine there so I started going higher. I got 3.4 no problem. Then I tried for 3.6 and as soon as I log into windows I get the same error. I started with the memory trying to drop it down to a lower speed as I the memory might have been a tad to fast and I could actually sign in and get to the desk top but a second later the same blue screen.
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  2. Update: I have the computer going into and running Windows 10 fine now, the only issue I am seeing is with my multiplier not staying locked. Now I'm new to OCing but I did turn speed step off so I assumed that turns off the multiple from moving and my OC is manually set at 22 and it is moving in between 19 and 22 according to CPUz. Cinebench R15 recognizes my CPU as running at 3.30 GHz and when running it it stays at a 20x multiplier and will jump to 21 but right back to 20. When running IBT it will stay locked at 22x multiplier however. Really odd and hard to figure out. Tried to launch Cinebench while ITB is running but no luck it still recognizes it as 3.30
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