Performance boost with two Video cards ( Gtx 660 Ti, and GTX 1050 ti )

Hey everything I have two Graphics cards both from NVidia And without SLI, or cross fire my motherboard is the Tomahawk b350 that supports crossfire but NVidia cards do not support that I have been reading that there is no performance boost when placing two graphics cards in your system without SLI, or crossfire When I placed my older card GTX 660 into my computer last night I noticed my games were extremely smooth on ultra settings ( Titan fall 2 ) ( The Witcher 3 ) etc. can anyone please tell me how this is happening somehow the cards are working together. thanks in advanced
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  1. A system can recognize and use multiple GPUs even without using Crossfire or SLI. Crossfire and SLI simply use them more effectively in things such as gaming.

    Maybe since the cards are of similar performance they can run together without using SLI and still see benefits in gaming. I'm sure it largely depends on the game.

    That is interesting..
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