CPU Fan doesn't start on boot, eventually starts when CPU reaches 50degs or so. Same with 2 fans.

I have an Asus z97-M Plus motherboard. When booting from cold, I get a CPU fan error as the CPU fan doesn't run to start with. Eventually, once the CPU reaches about 50 to 53 degrees, it will spin up. After which I can boot normally. This takes about 5 to 10 mins. I assumed it was a problem with the fan, and bought a brand new Noctua PWM fan to swap out with - and to my surprise, I get identical behaviour. So I suppose the fans are fine!

The CPU fan profile checks out ok - it is set to run at 25% from zero degrees, and should be running over 50% by the time it reaches 45degrees or so. (the standard profile out of the box on this mobo).

Not sure if this helps, but this PC is a self-build, and behaved immaculately for some months before developing this issue. I'm not aware of any particular change made that coincided with this issue...

I can override the error in BIOS by telling the PC to ignore the CPU fan, but that doesn't seem sensible. And I don;t like not understanding these things.

Suggestions very welcome...

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  1. Are you positive your fan is plugged into the labelled "CPU FAN" header?
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  2. Yep. Checked that too.
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