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so my gaming pc will not turn on and it has been like this for over 4 months now. i have replaced the psu (no luck) replaced battery (again no luck) so im a bit stumped on what to do. my friend says its either a cpu or mobo problem. i really need help!

thanks in advance, Ashton
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  1. you have done the paperclip test on PSU ?? you have checked motherboard standofs are not shorting it too case maybe take out of case
    And here's my pc specs:
    PSU make and age:
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  2. done both of those, no luck
    my specs are-
    CPU: intel core i5 6600k 3.5ghz
    motherboard: gigabyte z170 hd3
    Ram: corsair venegance ddr4 lpx
    GPU: amd radeom rx 480 8gb
    HDD: western digital 2tb blue
    OS:Windows 10 home 64 bit
    PSU: corsair tx750m silver certified, a month old
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  3. Reseat the memory.
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  4. SgtScream said:
    Reseat the memory.

    no luck
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  5. How long has it been working up until 4 months ago? Try a different power strip, wall outlet etc.
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