Salvaging components from old desktop because of fried PSU (Repair and Select Proper Boot Device Problem)

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Yesterday smoke came out of my external USB sound card then fried my PSU and motherboard.
Now, while I was testing out the RAM. BIOS can clearly detect them and tells me I have 8GB memory. Btw, I'm testing this on another working system. I swapped the RAM from the fried mobo to the working one. With working PSU and other components as well. Whenever I boot "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device" shows up. I've already cleaned the RAM, the RAM slot and check all the cables. BIOS detects the SSD as well. So I don't think I have problem with my SSD. Lastly, I went back and plugged my old RAM to my working mobo and still, I'm still getting this "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device" error.
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  1. You can't just take a boot drive from one computer, put in another and expect it to boot.
    There are several BIOS settings that need to be matched between the systems -
    sata controller mode (ahci/ide/raid) + boot mode (uefi or legacy/csm).
    And even then it's not guaranteed to boot into OS (because of difference between required drivers in those systems).

    So - if you want to use your SSD as a boot drive on another system, you'll have to reinstall windows.
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  2. try booting the swapped hdd in uefi mode. you can usually boot windows that was installed on another pc ive done it a few times i always ran into problems though its best to reinstall windows when getting new mobo or like you are doing getting another hdd from another pc
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  3. No no no. Maybe my explanation above is just unclear. I am using the same SSD with the same Mobo on my working system. The only thing that I am using from my "Fried" system are 2 RAM sticks. Swapped the RAM on my working PC. Then upon swapping it back again to the original RAM sticks that I'm using. Same error appears.
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  4. What are full specs of old "fried" system and new "working" system?
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  5. Update: I don't what the heck happened last time but the RAM seems to work now.There are two things that I guess are "fried", the Mobo and the PSU.
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