Overclocking 7700k to 5Ghz

So I want to overclock my 7700k to 5.0Ghz and I want to know what CPU Core/Cache Voltage I am going to use. I have an ASUS Maximus IX Hero, i7-7700k, and a Corsair H100i v2 and EVGA FTW2 1080. Thanks in advance!.
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  1. Every 7700K will overclock differently and there's no real exact setup you can use. I would highly suggest reading the Intel Temperature Guide by CompuTronix which not only covers temps but overclocking.
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  2. Results will vary but the procedure is the same

    Average OC 5.03
    Median OC 5.00
    Average Vcore 1.35
    Median Vcore 1.36

    Here's the guide

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