How much more can I push my i5-4670k?

Hey guys? Really beginner overclocker here. I got an i5-4670K and Arctic Freezer 13 on it. Motherboard is Gigabyte Z87M-D3H. Running 1.149V atm with barely 4Ghz clock. How much more voltage is safe? Also how much more tempreature is safe? Currently it's 35-40°C while idle/low load and heavy load is roughly around 70°C, how much more V and C is safe?
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  1. Best to stay below 1.3-1.35v and below 80 C.
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  2. "barely 4Ghz clock" you make it sound like thats not much. anyway i'm no expert in overclocking but i wouldn't go anymore then 10% over your stock voltage. i would give you what that equates to but intel set the voltages different for every cpu. also you cpu will begin getting damaged at 90'c but not that it matter, your computer should shut down before that happens
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