PC wont boot with more than 2 sticks of ram

I've recently bought an additional 2 sticks of RAM ( Kingston Value RAM 24N17s8/8) to supplement my current RAM which is also 2 sticks of the same model.

When using all 4 sticks the computer won't boot. The fans simply start then after a while everything shuts down and restarts again in a loop.

ive tried using just the the following configurations. new new, old old, new old, old new, and all are able to boot. only when i try 4 will i encounter this issue.

im using a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming3 Motherboard
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    Try Clearing the CMOS. if it does nothing then try to update your BIOS and check if it will work.

  2. duaneong94 said:
    When using all 4 sticks the computer won't boot.

    Can you post CPU-Z screenshots (memory and spd sections), when booted with 2 ram modules at a time ?
    (boot with old ram, make screenshots;
    boot with new ram, make screenshots;
    upload screenshots to or and post links).
  3. CPU-Z?
  4. duaneong94 said:

    Yes - 1st result in google search.
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