Monitor overclocking work, but not in game?

Hello Everyone, I overclocked my monitor from 60hz to 80hz. Everything looks fine in windows, Nvidia control panel reads out as 80hz and so does the windows display properties. The issue is that when I go into games I am trying to set the games to 80hz and it won't let me do so for some reason. (overwatch reads out at 60hz and r6 siege @ 59.96hz, with no option for increasing the hz any further)
I'm just not sure why it's not working. Perhaps windows is ruining its self because two of my monitors are @60hz and only the center one is @80hz (only trying to play on the center one)

Also I have another interesting problem, when overclocking a monitor using dvi-d I was able to get it to 80hz but the strange thing was that text was pixelated, but video seemed fine, so im just not quite sure what it is, I'm assuming the panel is capable of the 80hz but the electronics aren't having it for dvi-d.

Overclocking monitors is just a tad strange, but I've done it in the past and never really ran into either of these issues. Especially since the monitors are only 1080p.
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  1. Update: I left open control panel, apparently in games the overclock appears to reset. but when I get out of the game it goes back to the overclock of 80hz, I'm not quite sure why it's doing this, but it is an update
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