Are there any major perks from choosing a higher-tier motherboard than the one I have here?

Heres my build for a reference -

Currently I'm aiming for a ASRock - A320M Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard. I don't see the reason in having a bigger board (I don't really need anymore RAM slots, and I don't plan on using more than two PCI-E lanes) and I was just wondering, if there was any major improvement in performance or etc on another Micro ATX board, or maybe a bigger board (excluding the obvious betterments like more RAM slots, more PCI-E lanes, etc) due to chipsets, better components used for making the board, anything at all

(also, sidenote. Ignore the cpu cooler in the link. And also don't point out that I can't overclock with the current motherboard either, as I know I can't and I never plan on overclocking)
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    uhh, not that I Know? maybe better build quality or aesthetics but no, not really.
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  2. A more expensive mobo might get you more slots/connectors, bells and whistles like LEDs or whatnot, but probably nothing major.
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