No display, no status LEDs, no beeps on Gigabyte H110N Motherboard

Help! I am building my first pc, and when installing the motherboard ran into an issue: no display was showing up. Additionally, the motherboard status LED light was a consistent yellow/orange color and the motherboard speaker beeped 4 times long, then 1 time short, on boot.

To diagnose the error, I opened the cpu socket, removed the cpu to check for bent pins or anything of the sort. Nothing seemed off, so I popped the cpu and fan back in, but ran into another issue.
After boot, the motherboard would not show any status LED, whereas it used to shine an orange color. Also, the speaker stopped beeping at all.

To give additional context, I checked everything beforehand. Here is my build:
The previous owner of the motherboard told me that the motherboard was already bios updated, so I did not worry about that. Should I reinstall it/bios flash it myself to check?

I am also
The only issue I know of was that my case came missing a standoff, so I used one less standoff when putting on the motherboard. This should not have affected it, though, as it did not seem to short out the system beforehand, and only after taking out and putting back in the cpu did additional problems occur.

Now, only the computer's fans, lights, and gpu seem to work when turning on. What should I do?
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  1. By 'previous owner' do you mean that you bought the motherboard used? if you've been having issues ever since you bought it and that you're sure that you installed it properly then it very likely seems that the motherboard is faulty. I would also recommend to re check for bent pins and re seat the cpu.

    I also would suggest that you read this
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