Power Supply Blown ( Help Please ) Possible test, if anyone know how.

Hello Guys.

I was using my Power Supply and run it on high graphics game.
Graphic Card was 72º.Normally every power supply handle it well.

in some minutes(i think 40 minutes), PC has turn off. and not turn on again.

in 2 minute after turn the switch off and on. I could at least turn the power led of switch front case.

but it was not powering the pc at all..

so i removed it from the case tower and noticed it so much hot.
i shorted green and black and noticed that even it will not power the fan and test the output and it wasn`t giving me voltages on outputs. and tested the VSB and it was giving me +5VSB.the only one giving me output.Purple and black.

given a look i haven`t been able to identify the burnt component.

Possible it was an transistor that has burned.So it isn`t switching the square wave.

If anyone know anything please help.

i didn`t found any thread about this kind of problem.

now i switched to my Repaired PSU and it is working. I just changed the capacitor.

But i wanted to repair the Thermaltake 600W.

If it is transistor. How can i test it? what possibles test can it be done?

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    It may not be worth it.
    I went through 2 Thermaltake PSU's before I realized that they were low quality despite a reputable name.
    I don't think I'd risk repairing one fault when a more severe failure of something may follow.
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  2. well. it may be the case then. when i most needed it couldn't handle the power. i had it for 6-7 year.

    well. time to choose another better.

    thank you.
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  3. I use THIS LIST often when suggesting PSU quality, but it is getting dated.
    Seasonic, Antec, and EVGA B generation are decent bets.
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