Computer only shuts down when IDLE when I overclock

Hi, I have an issue I cant find answers for on Google. Basically when I overclock my CPU, an i5-3570k, everything technically runs stable and I never get any crashes or anything when the CPU is under heavy load. But when I leave the computer alone and am AFK for like 20 minutes, then the PC will automatically shut itself down. When I look at the computer's activity log, it basically says that it doesn't know at all why it shuts off, I also have the computer set to never sleep. This only happens when I overclock my CPU. I find it interesting that the computer only shuts off when its idle instead of under heavy load.

I do overclocks like 4.4ghz at all sorts of voltage ranges and this still happens, whether I'm at 1.25v or I'm at 1.3v, i tested all of these voltages to see if theres a difference but there wasn't. Same goes for when I overclocked 4.2ghz at 1.25v. I have reformatted my operating system several times and have done switches between windows 7 and windows 10 but the issue still exists.
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  1. Hi,

    Did you disable power saving, sleep and hibernation?
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  2. dextermat said:

    Did you disable power saving, sleep and hibernation?

    yes, all of those are disabled
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  3. It's probably one of two things.

    Too low voltage when idle that can be fixed within the bios (tell us your motherboard model)

    If it shutdowns on exactly a certain idle time, then it's a silly windows power saving thing.
    I had that problem with my sister's pc and even though every idle-ish windows setting was disabled, I had to reset their settings to default, save them and then re-edit them to disable the relevant power saving options.
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