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So i bought Phanteks eclipse P400s case and 3x corsair 120HD fans and was wondering about the airflow. So the problem is that i would like to mount these 3 rgb fans to the back of the case (rear and top) as exhaust fans, and have my NZXT Kraken X52 AIO Radiator set to pull configuration in the front but the problem is that then the air pressure would be negative which of course i don't want. I was wondering if i setup the radiator in push/pull config does that help making the air pressure positive or even neutral or just keep pretty much everything the same. Other thing that my friend suggested to me was that i would put other fan in the top to be intake but wouldnt that just be bad since then two fans would be intaking and exhausting air next to each other, the last thing that i was thinking but really would not want to do was to put two of the HD120 fans to the radiator and last one to rear of the case. I really would like to get help with this :/ Thanks in advance :)
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  1. TBH this fan has restircted airflow already and adding in a radiator to the front wouldn't be a great idea considering the front has poor air intake.

    If you cannot fit the kraken up top, I would suggest not using ur kraken and just use 140mm fans infront and use the 120mm fans as ur exhaust.

    Look into the meshify C case by fractal design case if you can still return that case. it has a much better config for radiators imo.
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