Is overclocking with MSI ok?

hello thanks for helping me with my questions. GPU: r7 370

So i want to overclock my gpu since i want to get more potential out of my gpu, will i ruin my pc if i do hits? its clocked to 985 mhz
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  1. That's what most folks use,26.html

    With tweaking software (MSI) we applied:

    Power Target +20%
    Voltage +100 Mv
    CPU clock 1200 MHz
    Mem clock 1500/6000 MHz
    fan RPM default

    Reference speeds are:
    Core Clock: 975 MHz / Memory Clock: 1400/5600MHz

    They were able to reach:
    Core Clock: 1150 MHz / Memory Clock: 1500/6000 MHz

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  2. MSI Afterburner is among the best overclocking utilities. Supposingly overvolting may reduce the life-span of your gpu but this is relative. It should be obsolete before it dies anyway. Overvolting up until + 100 mV should be fine as long as you keep your gpu temps low. If you do not overvolt at all, your gpu is just releasing free potential without any damage at all. No worries but always read before acting.
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  3. Ithink so, I have MSI GTX 960 twn frozer too, i added core clock like +100 and +275 on memclock with no issue, highest temp on heavy load is just 66 celcius.
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