Overclocking a Q6600 quad core DELL Optiplex

Hey guys,

I've been trying to overclock my Dell Optiplex 755, Intel Q6600 Quad Core processor.

The only way I found of doing it easily was using SetFSB and using RealTemp and CPU-Z to make sure everything was ok.

When I get up to 2.7Ghz my chrome and firefox close down and wont open, then a little after I get a dell bluescreen.

Not sure why? I got the info from a tutorial on youtube for the same mode pc and processor, and they got it to over 3ghz using this method with no trouble.

Thank you :)
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  1. Every CPU behaves differently, your cpu might not be stable at higher clocks at the stock voltage, or perhaps some other motherboard components don't like the high FSB. Your best bet would be to buy a nicer LGA775 motherboard, because it will have better controls.
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    There are no guarantees when it comes to overclocking, and you may just have a dud chip especially if it's a B3 stepping instead of G0.

    That said, I have never seen a Q6600 not work at 3.0GHz on a Dell, Lenovo or HP with a BSEL mod even when they would not run that speed stable @ stock voltage on an aftermarket board like ASUS or Gigabyte. Presumably those OEM boards overvolt a bit

    Frequency "holes" are possible where certain frequencies are just not stable, probably because the circuitry is tuned for the standard 1066 or 1333 so others may cause internal reflections and resonances. So the first thing to try is 3.0/1333 and run a stability test.

    If it still doesn't work it may just be SetFSB not setting the correct strap in the chipset so it would still be worth trying the hardware BSEL mod:
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Overclocking Quad Core Dell Optiplex