What is the difference between overclocked and not overclocked gpu and cpu

lets say I have i7-7700k (3.8Ghz basic 4.2 Ghz turbo
) and gtx 1060 superclocked, what happens if I don't buy overclocked motherboard? What is the difference?
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  1. You need a motherboard with the appropriate Z-series chipset ("overclocking motherboard") to unlock the clock multiplier in Intel's K-series CPUs. Without it, the i7-7700k is little more than a more expensive i7-7700 that requires an aftermarket HSF at yet more additional expense.

    For the GPU, the motherboard makes no difference.
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  2. Get an overclockable motherboard.
    With a Z270 or Z170 chipset. The i7-7700K can o/c to about 5Ghz with good cooling. That's an improvement you can notice without running precise benchmark testing. Also the o/c motherboards have better components like power delivery capacitors and junk and stuff.

    For me, I have found GPU overclocking to be not worth it.
    First off it's kind of a pain and you don't get much gain. I can o/c a GPU to get good test scores, but then it will crash in game and I have to turn it down a bit for stability. A GTX 1060 superclocked? Forget about o/c'ing that GPU. Superclocked means factory o/c. I have had a superclock GPU and pushed it faster but it would immediately throttle back to stock superoverclock speed.
    Superclocked GPU's are recommended in my book. They are easier.
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  3. I7-7700K runs at 4.2 stock with a higher turbo.
    If you pay more for a Z270 based motherboard, you can overclock it.
    As of 6/9/17
    What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane 1.4v Vcore.
    4.9 83%
    5.0 62%
    5.1 29%
    5.2 6%

    GTX1060 superclock is a evga factory overclocked part.
    Probably a good value for the extra $, but it has already been binned and is likely near its max.
    Of more importance is the difference between the 3gb and 6gb versions.
    It is more than the added vram; the 6gb version has more cuda cores.
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  4. Higher end motherboards support better overclocking, while other entry level motherboards are only good for stock clocks, or small frequency increases.
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  5. OK, thx I will buy this one is it ok for overclocking? Gigabyte - GA-Z270P-D3
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