gtx 1060 3gb or 6gb

these or


i only play at 1920x1080 res and i mostly play moba and overwatch the msi looks appealing to me because i have a black & red theme going on inside my case but if the vram is an issue guess i would go with either of the two galax
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  1. The 3Gb version also has less cores, so it performs worse than the 6Gb version.
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  2. This is what I have and it works great for gaming.

    It isn't much more than the 3 GB version, so in my opinon, a 3 GB version is a waste when for a few dollars more you can get a lot more power.
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    Go for the 6gb Version you can still hit the 3gb limit at 1080p in games like GTA V and Doom (Nightmare settings requires 5GB).
    Can't go wrong with MSI, solid build quality, great cooler and looks nice.
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