Asrock ab350 pro 4 for 24/7 overclocked operation

Hi everyone,
So I'm building a Ryzen 5 1600 build which will play some games but is mostly just a second build to play with for my media creation and VMs. I have the rig in my signature for gaming. I have heard good things about the Asrock ab350 pro 4 and was wondering if it is a good choice for 24/7 overclocked operation or if anyone has any other suggestions I'd definitely look in to them. Its hard to tell just from pictures if the vrms have decent heatsinks.
Thank you for reading.
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  1. Yeah, that motherboard will be fine for 24/7 overclocking, all you really have to monitor with overclocking is your voltage (too high a voltage can damage stuff) and your temperatures (too high temp can degrade performance and life span) - in general overclocking will decrease the lifespan of the CPU and motherboard but it's not really significant enough to be considered much of a problem - it depends specifically on the voltage and the temperatures on how much life will be lost from the components.
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